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unfortunately unknown

I’ve always been a devoted admirer of gorgeous libraries.  This is the image I came across today that ended up being the catalyst for wanting to create this blog.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what library this is, or where this is located.  Do you know?  Please tell me!  I love to give credit where credit is due!

(And as always, click on the image to access the larger version.)

[EDIT  – 4/3/11 @ 1:39AM]
I found out what this is a photo of!  It’s the Theological Library (or Theological Hall) at Strahov Monastery in Prague. It was completed in 1679, and contains about 16,000 books. It seems like the collection also spills over into the Philosophical Hall in the monastery.

Strahov Monastery - Philosophical HallSource

Gorgeous.  Most definitely going on my “To Visit” list.


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