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Neil Gaiman’s Collection

I love how searching for images of libraries I already know about leads me to even more wonderful discoveries.  The internet is really an amazing resource.

My next discovery comes here via boingboing.net which led me to shelfari (The whole high-resolution photo collection can be viewed at this shelfari link). This is Neil Gaiman’s personal basement library. (Click on thumbnails for high-resolution images.  They are indeed quite large.)

And here’s a small slideshow for a quicker view of the images I’ve uploaded here. (In case you didn’t want to wait for all the high-res images to load).

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I am a huge fan of Neil Gaiman’s writing, and it’s so cool to be able to get a glimpse of his personal space and some of the books that he has chosen to collect and compile. It’s probably as close as I will get to actually sitting down with him and having a conversation. I love the floor-to-ceiling shelves, and it’s both comforting and amusing to note that even with all the shelves, there are still stack of books lying unshelved and in stacks on chairs and tables. I now don’t feel so bad for the (far too many) books that have nowhere to reside in my tiny apartment besides the floor.

And while I lust after Belle’s library (featured in my previous post) as an unobtainable ideal, Neil Gaiman’s space is real and no less heavenly. Needless to say that I would love to have a space like this sometime in the future. Right now, I would love to just be able to have room for more bookshelves in my apartment (thereby saving an entire collection of books from residence on the floor).

I will be perusing the high-resolution versions of the shelves for some indirect recommendations for my to-be-read list.


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